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Before you call, please be sure that you have perused at least one of our tour itineraries. The departure dates, prices, hotels etc are all listed there. If dates and prices are missing, it means the tour has no scheduled departure but will be offered on request. A telephone conversation without appointment is limited to 10 minutes. If you want to talk more, please schedule an appointment and leave us a phone number. We’d love to call you back and answer all your questions in a non-rushed manner.

Onsite visit requires appointment. If you show up without notice, your visit will be limited to 10 minutes. Visit with appointment will get you up to 30 minutes. To save time, please have a list of questions ready before coming in.

 Office Hours

9:00 am-5:00 pm, Pacific, Monday through Friday. Saturday visit by appointment only.


Toll free: 1-877-507-1177 (Canada & USA) | 604-438-7718

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Available on request

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Underground parking, accessible from the back lane only, costs more than street parking. The free parking spots on 7th Ave west of Ash and on the west side of Ash between 6th and 7th are often fully occupied. A good alternative is the underground parkade at City Square one block behind our office building.

Tour Booking Procedures

Step One

china tour operators in Vancouver

Laurus Travel offers Asia vacation packages

Contact us for space availability.

Step Two

Complete the password-protected online reservation form.

Step Three

Pay deposit ($400/person) by Visa or MasterCard.

If booking is made within 90 days of travel, full payment would be required immediately upon confirmation.

Private Document Folder for Customers

Anyone with a confirmed booking would be provided with a private document folder. Please refer to the email sent to you on this. If, however, you lost the email or forgot your password, please contact us to regain access to the folder.

china tour company in Vancouver

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