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From: John A
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2016 8:42 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Cc: Nic
Subject: China Tour

Hello Heidi,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.

I agree with your method of getting feedback.

We had a very good trip to China. Everything went according to the itinerary and the organization was very good.

Guides: The guides were excellent, diplomatic and thoughtful. We have to single out Jacob in Beijing for his superior service but the others were good as well.

Hotels: All the hotels were excellent with the possible exception of the Harbour Grand in Kowloon. The room we had looked like it had not been cleaned and the heating/ventilating was not working.It was definitely showing signs of age! We were given another room without problem. The location was good and everything else about the hotel was good.

Cruise: We were on the Century Sun and we can recommend this boat for it comfort and crew.

Itinerary: Very good with time enough to see everything properly.
One suggestion: It might be an idea to have some transit cards available for anyone one wants to take the subway, say in Beijing or Shanghai and have a quick lesson by the guide to familiarize people on how to use it. It was great to use the Octopus card on public transit in Hong Kong.

Food: The food was always good and it was clear from the choice of restaurants that they were not tourist type ones.

We were a bit confused by tipping expectations..(other than the guides which was reasonably clear although there were quite a few comments that it would be better to include the payment/tips for the guides and the driver in the total package price) we found that tipping was more the norm than the exception. For example the guides on the land excursion off the cruise ship. Of course we don’t mind tipping but we did not know what to do…we should have asked the cruise ship people.

In talking with people who used other tour companies, on the cruise for example, it was clear that Laurus was far better.

Thanks for a good trip to China. We will post some comments online. Which sites do yo you prefer? Trip Advisor? Lonely Planet?

Best wishes for 2017!

John and Nicole
Burlington, Ontario

[ Effective February 1, 2017, all tours offered by Laurus Travel would include tips for local guides and drivers. ] 

From: Pamela M
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 1:27 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Re: Laurus Travel China Tour Review

China Odyssey Tour & Hong Kong – October 20- November 9, 2016

Hello Heidi, we arrived back from China on Wednesday, November 9th, after fulfilling a long-time dream to visit the land of my father’s birth.

We were fortunate to find your company on the internet and booked the 19 day China Odyssey Tour, plus 2 days in Hong Kong. I want to express a whole-hearted THANK YOU to you and the Laurus Travel team for facilitating what was our first guided trip and one that will remain as our most memorable. There were many things we appreciated about your organization; there were a variety of tour options available for China and other parts of Asia as well as the size of the group. When I contacted you earlier in the year, you were quick to respond and supplied the information requested by us and our two friends who travelled with us, with no pressure for us to book. You followed up when I asked you to and you were very helpful in arranging the flights not only with our preferred airline but were able to secure reduced seat pricing for us. You also obtained our China visas very quickly and saved us a lot of pre-trip leg work. The reminders and travel tips, you provided prior to leaving, were very helpful especially since we were leaving our home for a significant period. Thanks again.

Now, on to the trip itself. On our arrival in Beijing we were happy and relieved to see the Laurus flag being held high by our smiling taxi driver. He didn’t speak a whole lot of English, just enough to let us know where he was taking us. We didn’t know what to expect since this was our first to Asia and as mentioned before our first guided tour. The Sheraton hotel in Dongcheng, Bejing, was extremely well appointed and our stay was exceptional. We ventured out on our own as we arrived one day early and were surprised as to how little English was spoken in Bejing and our Mandarin was at best, laughable. By pointing to the picture of Tiananmen Square on the map, our taxi driver was able to get us there quickly in spite of the rain. Later, we made our way to the recommended South Beauty restaurant close to our hotel and managed to order dinner by pointing to the pictures on the menu. The four of us ate dinner for about 10 people! Every dish was absolutely delicious and spicy. We received a telephone call that evening from Jacob Wei, our extraordinary tour leader, who gave us instructions for the next morning (spoken in perfect English)! What a relief!

China is in one word—Majestic. The splendour of its vast landscape, culture, beautiful people (many), rich history and the mixing of the ancient, well preserved monuments and buildings with the modern sky scrapers, as we saw in every city, particularly Shanghai, certainly exceeded anything we imagined China would be. Photos or print cannot capture or duplicate the reverence one feels when walking on the iconic great wall or experiencing the splendour of the majestic Yangtze River. We woke at 3am to watch the ship go through one of the locks.
The local guides were exceptional and added great dimension to the tour, in particular David in Guilin who eloquently shared so much of the history with us and was able to offer insight on life in modern day China as well. We thoroughly enjoyed Elaine’s female perspective who guided us in Shanghai and yes, she told us where to find the good shops!

A special thank you goes to Jacob Wei, our exceptional and much beloved tour leader who travelled with us, on each leg of the China tour. He was not only very well versed in the history, politics and culture of China but showed true compassion and genuine care for our group. We always felt safe as we knew that he was looking out for us, no matter where we strayed, trying to get the perfect photo. We nicknamed him our “warrior”. It was difficult to say goodbye to him on leaving China; We extended an invitation to host him and his family, should he wish to visit our beautiful country.

Hong Kong was over the top opulent and breathtakingly beautiful. Quite the jaw dropping experience seeing so many tall buildings and the view from the Peak was incredible. We found a wonderful Italian restaurant and although we enjoyed all the delicious chinese dishes in China, we were craving some Italian pasta by this time. We enjoyed our sightseeing day with Alex. who was also very knowledgeable and was amazed at how warm the water was at Repulse Bay beach.

I have nothing but praise for Laurus Travel and the entire team for putting together an amazing tour which exceeded our expectations. Thanks for making my friend’s birthday memorable with a birthday cake at lunch. What a thoughtful touch! Another great aspect of this trip was the friendships we made with the wonderful group of people from Canada & USA who shared this experience with us. We will be more than happy to endorse your organization and hope to travel with you on our next trip to Asia in two years.

Pamela M

Mississauga, Ontario

From: Wanda A——
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 3:06 PM
To: ‘Laurus Travel’
Subject: RE: Laurus Travel China Tour Review


Just back home now – as we also included a Mekong River cruise to our trip.

Our trip to China – travelling to Shanghai -Guilin-Xian-Beijing was fantastic! The trip was on my bucket list for many years and Laurus Travel’s expertise made it most enjoyable. Everywhere we went, China’s long history of contributions in culture, philosophy, architecture, science and engineering were in full view. Buddhist shrines, tea farm and terraced rice field visit, terracotta warriors, ancient city walls, a calligraphy lesson, Muslin bazaar, imperial palaces and summer homes and hiking the legendary Great Wall – everything was inspiring. We experienced a very different China than what we expected – cities were clean and very little pollution (brisk autumn winds helped!). The past and future seem to happily commingle – parks are packed with old-timers clacking mah-jong tiles alongside stylish youths sporting the newest fashions.

The Laurus Travel website is very informative and well organized. It was very easy to assess the itineraries to choose a tour and to compare with other providers. The information you provided for trip preparation was very valuable and complete. Saved us lots of time and stress in planning our vacation.

The food was excellent in each city. We enjoyed to start out day with the full breakfast buffet. It certainly satisfied us with great choice and variety, of both Western and Chinese dishes. The guides selected fantastic restaurants and provided a “local” flavor in each city.

Our tour guides in each city were fantastic – very fun and knowledgeable and masters at handling logistics! We especially liked to be greeted at each airport and helped with hotel check in. The van and bus drivers were excellent and seemed to be able to handle every type of road condition.

It was a wonderful trip and I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant recommending Laurus to others. Thank you!

China tours from New York

China tour group in Suzhou garden

Wanda A.
Calgary, Alberta

The following is an excerpt of a three-page letter from a customer who found us after her party of four’s China trip booked with Harvard Alumni Club was cancelled.

Robin Fxxxxx
[address and phone number removed by Laurus]

November 10, 2016

Hello Julius and Heidi,

We’ve been home for a week, and the jet lag is slowly receding. But the memories of our trip are still quite vivid. It was an amazing experience for us. I don’t think we had any idea of how rapidly China is changing; or maybe we did, on a theoretical level, but we didn’t expect to see those changes in such a dramatic way—huge housing developments, luxury cars, glittering malls, relocation towns, international retailers. The scale of everything in China was breathtakingly large.

We feel very fortunate to have visited China on a Laurus tour. Several times we saw other groups or spoke to tourists traveling with other organizations, and the comparison between our experience and theirs was striking. They ate in banquet halls where they were often alone. We ate in restaurants where we were almost always the only Westerners. They moved in large groups. We never had more than 13 people in our group. Both groups visited the major cultural sights in each city, but I think I can safely say that we learned more about what it is like to actually live in those cities.

Which brings me to the topic of our tour leader and our city guides. I cannot praise Jacob Wei’s leadership enough. Jacob has all of the characteristics of a superb tour leader. He is highly organized, but always flexible. His communication skills are excellent, and his “people skills” are outstanding. Jacob was always concerned about our comfort and happiness. In fact, he was sometimes more concerned than we were! One of the highlights of our experience in China was the opportunity to get to know Jacob. Because he accompanied us for the entire tour, there were many occasions when we were able to have casual conversations about life in China. As luck would have it, four of the couples on the trip have children who are about the same age as Jacob. Talking with him talk about the lives of young, educated, urban parents in Beijing and comparing their hopes and plans with those of our children was fascinating and mind-expanding. When the trip was over, all of us extended invitations to Jacob and his family to visit the US and Canada and offered to host them in our homes. That gives you an idea of how enthusiastic and appreciative we were for all of Jacob’s work and how much we like him.

We also want to mention two of our outstanding local guides. David was articulate, intelligent, knowledgeable, and engaging. We asked him many questions about the history of modern China, and as we traveled to the rice fields we had an opportunity to discuss it at length. We are sure that David’s ability to explain, integrate, and illustrate the changes in Chinese politics and communal life is as good as a top-notch university lecturer. In Shanghai we particularly appreciated Elaine’s good humor, flexibility (particularly when our flight home was suddenly changed), and her local knowledge—for example, helping us find places to eat and interesting walks to take…

Robin F
New York, NY

[feel free to ask for Robin’s original three-page letter to Laurus Travel]

Laurus Travel group in Forbidden City. Sept 2016

Laurus group in Forbidden City, Sept 2016

From: Mike B——–
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2016 10:05 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Re: Laurus Travel Tour Review

Hello Heidi and team. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback about our 26 day trip to China and Tibet. One week has passed since we left China – it is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. We want to say that we had an incredible time in China and Tibet. It was an amazing opportunity to share in this experience with the many guides in varied cities and most importantly, to have Howard as our tour coordinator.

Every city brought its own flavour (in terms of food, geography, highlights and history). The city/region guides and Howard provided much expert insight into each place; the history and cultural significance. We have to say that Howard was outstanding, and if you can share this with him, it would be appreciated. He made the trip seamless in terms of all organization and never did we have to be concerned about what was happening or feel that there were any issues. That goes to show the experience and knowledge that Howard has. In addition, Howard was extremely calm, personable and positive. He was the best coordinator that we have dealt with in our travels. Kudos to Laurus travel for working with Howard.

Our one concern related to Howard (and he never complained or stated a negative word – in fact he was very positive) was that he stayed off site from where we were located and on the Yangtze cruise – we were concerned about his room – given that he was so key to our group, we all felt that he should be located closer to the group members and have a reasonable place to stay on the cruise boat.

Generally, the hotels were excellent although on occasion we had to ask for a room change related to smoke – we are non-smokers (with allergy to smoke) and the rooms were on a smoking floor or were quite impacted by the smoking floor below. This was not a big issue but it is important to book all rooms on non-smoking floors in non-smoking hotels as possible but we do realize that this is not necessarily realistic in China as it may be in Canada. Despite that issue, the hotels were great and those hotel folk we encountered were accommodating and very helpful. The one hotel that was a bit on the less than positive side was in Shigatse. We again realize that hotels are limited in this region, but it was definitely smoky and we felt it to be a little less clean compared to those we encountered in all other places, but overall, we were very pleased with all other venues (loved the hotel in Lhasa – the St Regis – great pick).

The food was excellent and we certainly had a wonderful opportunity to try food from varied regions with varied specialties and spices. There was definitely more than enough food, as well.

The sites we saw were awesome. We appreciated the odd day or part day off to wander and see some of the cities and local communities on our own. We felt that we could venture off, explore and feel very safe in doing so. Our interactions with the local residents was so positive and interactive.

We did have the opportunity to participate in some “extra” cultural opportunities and these were spectacular i.e. – the opera in Chengdu and the Princess Wencheng spectacular in Lhasa, to name two. Both were wonderful opportunities to see culture and history. Again, thanks to Howard, we were excited to attend these offerings and were never disappointed in these types of recommendations.

Overall, we had a trip of a lifetime with a most excellent tour coordinator (Howard). I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Thank you for doing such a great job in organizing/offering this trip.

With best wishes,

Lori and Michael B
Orillia, Ontario

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From: Garfield M*******

Laurus Travel group in Tibet

Laurus Travel group in Tibet

Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2016 8:38 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Cc: Susan M**
Subject: Thank you

Dear Julius,

Just a quick note from Susan and I to thank you and your staff for providing a wonderful experience in China last week.

Howard, Jacob, Paul and Elaine represented your company just wonderfully in their respective cities. We had a very positive experience in all three cities, and have no complaints at all. The Sheraton Hotels really worked out well, and are a great place for everyone to stay.

We finished in Hong Kong which again was a wonderful experience and is just a perfect way to end a holiday.

If you would like us to make a comment on something like Trip Advisor, let us know and we would be glad to.

Thank you again, and please pass on our regards to your staff on our behalf.

Kindest Regards,

Garfield M & Susan M
Vancouver, British Columbia

This is Susan’s third time to travel with Laurus Travel.

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From: Diane H. B.
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 5:24 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Laurus Travel China Tour Review

Dear Heidi and the Laurus team,

We thoroughly enjoyed our China trip and are very happy to give you feedback.

The choice of cities was good for first timers as well as seasoned China travelers. Our guides, Jacob in Beijing, William in Xian, David in Guilin, and Elaine in Shanghai, were very well informed about contemporary society as well as history and provided more detailed info for those of us with more knowledge of and experience in China. Their excellent English meant there were no communication issues. They were very polite and solicitous of us, checking in often about how we were doing.

The hotels were very comfortable and the breakfasts were very good. The food was excellent. The guides choose very good restaurants serving local food. We really thought the food was delicious, as a consequence we may have gained a few pounds even with all the exercise:)

The transportation arrangements were very convenient. The ease of getting around enabled us to see more sites. The train ride was a delight and an eye opener to Americans. It provided a good opportunity to see the countryside.

Guilin was the high point for us. We had never been there and it certainly not only met, but exceeded, our expectations. We will definitely consider taking another Laurus tour and we will recommend it to others. If you should want to discuss our feedback further, please let us know. We’d be happy to talk with you.


Laurus Travel China tours reviews

Laurus Travel China tours reviews

Diane and Ed B
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

From: Kathie F <kpf——>

Subject: Laurus Travel China Tour Review
Date: May 31, 2016 at 7:09:00 AM PDT
To: Laurus Travel <>

Our trip was wonderful, in fact it exceeded my expectations! I expected China to be beautiful and fascinating, but didn’t expect a lot from the touring itself. Howard Zhang was wonderful, and local guides Jacob in Beijing and David in Guilin were outstanding. Howard and David both gave up their free time to accompany us to dinners and extra excursions, and Howard managed our recovery from a cancelled plane flight extremely well so that we only lost part of a day. I was amazed every day by the food, being able to eat in totally non-tourist restaurants, and the quality and variety of the food our guides selected was outstanding. Even my restroom fears were allayed as we were always directed to clean, if not Western-style, facilities. Each day’s tour was thoughtfully planned so we didn’t get exhausted or overwhelmed. It doesn’t seem possible, but almost every day was a high point – no ‘filler’ here (with the exception of our afternoon in Chongqing, but we understood the difficulty of filling time between an uncertain plane flight time and boarding ship). I also did not expect the high-quality education from all the local guides who shared history, culture, and their personal experience with us. This enhanced the trip immeasurably. I would recommend Laurus to anyone without reservation.

Thank you all for my wonderful trip.

Kathie F
Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA

From: Marilyn S
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 7:24 PM
To: Laurus Travel (Heather L)
Subject: China Tour

First, I would like to say this was a fabulous 19 day trip. It exceeded my expectations. I saw and experienced so many interesting and, to me, amazing things and learned so much about China. There was no place on the itinerary that I would have missed. I found each site interesting and worth the visit.

I found your company on the Web and was attracted to three things. First, you gave a detailed description of what we would see and some background/historical information about each place we would visit. That appealed to me because I thought if the information was that helpful and complete on the website, then the tour would be the type that wouldn’t just take you someplace, but would explain about the background and history that were important about the place. That was what I was looking for.

The second thing that appealed to me about your tours was that they were limited to 20 people. Since I knew I’d be traveling by myself, I wanted a small group to travel with. I thought that would give me a better chance of becoming acquainted with people .

I was also looking for a tour that didn’t have a lot of free time scheduled. Because, again, I was traveling by myself, I didn’t feel like I’d want to go off and do a lot of things alone , particularly in a country where I don’t speak and can’t read and write the language. The amount of scheduled free time was just right for me.

I was very impressed with our tour guide, Howard. He was friendly, helpful, interesting, calm and patient. Although I didn’t realize how important it would be, it was very helpful to have Howard stay with us for the entire trip. I don’t know what we would have done the day we left the Yangtze river cruise and our flight was cancelled. Howard must have been upset, but all he showed was calm and determination to fix the problem for us. I also appreciated that he came back with two suggested solutions and asked us what we preferred to do.

Our city tour guides also made the trip very special, informative and fun. In addition to being knowledgeable about the cities we were touring, each gave us a different perspective about life in China. The tour guide that we had in Chongqing was a little hard to understand, but I think by then I was feeling a little tired.

Another thing I apprecIated about Howard and the city guides was the way they kept their eye on us. The city guide stayed in the front and Howard followed at the end to make sure no one got left behind. I really appreciated that as at the Temple of Heaven, we were given time to explore on our own, but I got confused about our meeting point. When I didn’t find the group where I thought we were to meet, I was scared, but kept telling myself the group wouldn’t leave without me, and pretty soon I saw Howard’s welcome face as he came looking for me.

Several other things.
Appreciated the information you sent out as the trip time got closer and closer. That really helped and reasssured me.

Loved the food and the restaurants selected.

Having the earpieces was very helpful. It made it easier to hear the guide’s commentary and also follow their instructions about directions, as some of the sites were quite crowded. A suggestion…it would have been very helpful to have these in Shanghai. It was quite difficult to hear Eileen because of the other tour guides. I missed a lot of what she was telling us. The earpieces would have really improved that problem.

Two other small suggestions…it would have been nice to have a brief time at the beginning of the trip when we could introduce ourselves to the other members of the trip. I would also have appreciated name tags…just first names and the city or country where we lived. It took me half the trip before I learned everyone’s name.

Also, several of us mentioned we would have liked to go to a Chinese opera. We did love the Chinese Acrobats in Shanghai.

I’ve always wanted to visit China. I was concerned about traveling by myself, but really wanted to go. I’m so glad I chose Laurus and overcame my initial fear of traveling by myself. It was an outstanding trip.

Thank you all.

Marilyn S
Wheaton, Illinois

Laurus Travel China tours reviews

Listening to Alex, a top guide in Hong Kong

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From: Lewis L
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 12:45 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Re: Laurus Travel China Tour Review

Hello Heidi,

I have absolutely nothing negative whatsoever to say about my China tour with Laurus Travel. From start to finish, it was extremely well organized, highly professional, and very, very informative.

The hotel rooms were spacious, clean, and well tended by the housekeeping staff. I also appreciated the fact that, at the reception desk, there was always somebody who could provide information or assistance in English. And those breakfasts: sumptuous, food always fresh, and just such an extensive choice and variety, of both Western and Chinese dishes!

Lunches and suppers – all of them, including those on the Yangtze cruise ship – were uniformly delicious, with a nice variety of different locals dishes, and always in sufficient quantities that nobody ever left the table still hungry!

All of our guides – Jacob in Beijing, Elaine in Shanghai, Holly in Yi Chang, and Sabine (and, briefly, David) in Guilin – were impressively knowledgeable, patient, and courteous, at times even going “above and beyond” to be of help. As well, it was especially nice to be met by your guide at each of the airports we landed in, and then to be taken to the hotel and checked in with their assistance.

The drivers of the mini-vans were always punctual, prudent on the roads, and all obviously experienced in successfully negotiating the often-congested traffic situations in either Beijing, Shanghai, or elsewhere.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, made all the more memorable because of Laurus Travel, and I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant recommending Laurus to others I may meet in future who are considering travelling to Asia.

Thank you for everything.

Lewis L
Montreal, Quebec

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From: — Services Ltd.
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2016 12:03 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: 11-Day China Golden Triangle Tour Fantastic!

Hi Julius,

My husband and I just arrived home at midnight yesterday from Hong Kong – exhausted but thoroughly satisfied. Our tour of China with your experienced and caring guides was most enjoyable: Jacob from Beijing, Paul from Xi’an, Elaine from Shanghai, and tour leader Howard had all done an amazing job. A special thank you to Jacob and Howard in arranging for my son and daughter-in-law, who had specially flown up from Hong Kong to Beijing to spend Mother’s Day weekend with me, to partake in the group’s Saturday Peking Duck dinner and Sunday lunch so we could be together. I am grateful for their kind consideration. A note of appreciation too to Elaine who had gone out of her way to help my husband buy his special ping-pong paddle in Shanghai. I find Paul’s wealth of knowledge and communication skill very impressive, Jacob’s caring nature, knowledge and humour very enjoyable and comforting during our hectic schedule in Beijing, and Elaine was more like a good friend showing us around than a stranger during our private tour in Shanghai, relaxed and fun. I find accommodation in all the cities very comfortable, and last but not the least, the food you had provided us was fantastic which included local specialties. My husband, who was always skeptical about touring with a group, finds this trip an incredible experience. Thanks to you and your skilled staff.

We would not hesitate recommending your Company to our friends and family and we would love to travel with Laurus again in the future.


Rose H
Vancouver, BC

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From: Martin W
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2016 1:32 PM
To: Laurus Travel (Heather L)
Subject: Trip to China

Hi Heather and Julius:

We are back and recovering from jet lag but thought we should drop you a note to say how we enjoyed the trip that you booked for us.

In short we had a marvellous time. The hotel Harbour Grand was great. It turned out to be a better than expected location with a dozen restaurants within two blocks and shuttle buses to downtown Kowloon and Kowloon station for trips to the airport. When we returned from Guilin we were upgraded to a suite overlooking the harbour, which was very nice and exceeded expectations. In Guilin we met David at the Sheraton. We had not expected to be met at the airport since it wasn’t mentioned on the itinerary and took a cab to the hotel. David had gone to the airport but we didn’t connect.


Laurus Travel tours reviews

David was an excellent guide and we enjoyed his company for the three days in Guilin. We added an excursion to the rice terraces which turned out to be the highlight of the trip. The hotel was good, in an excellent location, but a little tired and needing carpet replacement. Meals in both hotels were very good.

Thanks for organizing this memorable trip. We will recommend your services to anyone wishing to visit China.

Best regards.

Barbara and Martin W
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

From: genevieve C

Date: Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 10:34 AM
Subject: Adventures in China
To: “”

To Julius and Heather
Laurus Travel

Our family highly recommends Laurus Travel for creating unforgettable memories of China. Laurus Travel is a hidden gem in the wide world of travel agencies. Laurus Travel makes it a priority to ensure your trip has the excitement you are looking for without any hassles. Our family returned from China in March. We were part of a small group tour that travelled to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. With the crowds in China, we appreciated the attention to small details that Laurus Travel provided. We did not have to wait in lines for tickets to attractions. We ate at the best local restaurants often in private rooms for extra comfort. At the end of the day, the five star Sheraton hotels provided the luxury we were hoping to find for our accommodations.

My family’s favourite memories were in Beijing. Jacob is an excellent local guide with a wonderful personality. The Forbidden City is remarkable, but Jacob really brought the history alive for us while helping us avoid the crowds. We felt that Jacob was a wonderful tour guide. My favourite city was Xian. I was looking forward to seeing the Terracotta Warriors. However, the museum of Xian is even more incredible. We viewed artifacts from the 11th Century B.C. Our local guide, Paul, had many humorous stories. He was well educated in the history of China. For people who are looking for a unique experience in China, Xian’s Muslim Quarter should be on their agenda. When we ended our vacation in Shanghai, we were delighted to see the Shanghai acrobat show. Steven was very proud of Shanghai and explained local traditions in the city. Without the expertise of these three guides, we would have missed the important stories of China.

Laurus Travel reviews China tours from Canada

Laurus Travel group on the Great Wall at Mutianyu

If you are hoping to taste authentic Chinese cuisine, you must book with Laurus Travel. In Beijing, we enjoyed Peking Duck. It was carved in front of us at our table and Jacob demonstrated how to prepare it. While in Xian, we were able to taste the delicious biangbiang noodles, BBQ trout and spicy, crispy eggplant. You cannot find these local dishes without the knowledge provided by Laurus Travel. As well we were impressed by the hired drivers who were able to move quickly through the crowded streets. As part of the tour, we were provided with free bottled water and personal assistance from the tour guides. There is also time for exploring each city on your own if you prefer. Our family had a fascinating time discovering China. We hope to visit again.

Warm regards,

Paul and Genevieve C.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

From: Patrick G

Sent: Monday, April 04, 2016 8:17 PM
To: Laurus Travel (Heather L)
Subject: Re: Laurus China Tour Review


Laurus Travel did a great job for us! Super hotels and guides.

One thing we really appreciated. Our airline cancelled our direct flight home from Shanghai, so we had to rebook through Beijing. We thought the one hour forty-five minute layover was enough, but later learned we had to collect our bags, haul them to another terminal, and check-in again, and were supposed to get this done at least an hour before the flight. Both Jacob and Steve worked on this issue, as well as your Beijing office. Steve got us seats closer to the front, and priority baggage tags, and when we landed in Beijing, a man with a “transfer service” vest met us and escorted us to the other terminal. We had about five minutes left to meet the one hour deadline, but could not have done it without help. Thanks to all who worked on this for us.

We have no suggestions to offer, as your company showed you are experts in China travel. We may be returning next fall for another bird watching tour, and will check with you for other tour options you offer.


Pat G
Salem, Oregon, USA

Laurus Travel reviews China tours from Canada

Laurus Travel group in front of Terracotta Army Museum

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From: Fred W
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 6:00 PM
Subject: China Odyssey October 16

I think Laurus is the way to go for touring China. The itinerary, guides, and accommodations are all excellent. You’ll learn as much about China as can be expected from two or three weeks, and the whole experience will be enjoyable and interesting. And Laurus provides exceptional value for money. You can easily spend twice what Laurus charges for a tour, but I can’t imagine that the guides and itinerary will teach you more about the country than Laurus will. And the Sheraton hotels Laurus uses are almost all both new and beautiful. It’s amazing how much ground we covered in China in the time we had for touring. Nothing I crucially wanted to see at the places we went was left out, and the guides were all both knowledgeable and extremely nice people. Laurus really knows what it’s doing.

Finally, I would add that the owner of the company ate dinner with us one night and said he hoped his tours would increase understanding and goodwill between visitors from around the world and the Chinese. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me at least that goal was very well achieved on my trip. Highly recommended.

Professor Fred W
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, USA

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From: Marion B
Sent: Sunday, October 04, 2015 3:30 PM
Subject: China Highlights Sept 9

We based our decision to book with Laurus on internet research and our initial office contact. It was such a great decision as our China trip was much more than we expected. We very much valued the small group size and the policy to avoid shopping stops. Our tour leader, Jacob, was excellent and we cannot say enough positive things about him. Our local guides were outstanding as well and we particularly want to recognize David in Guilin for his knowledgeable and scholarly discussions as well as his wicked sense of humour. Paul’s obvious love of Xi’an made our days with him very meaningful. We will definitely recommend Laurus Travel to others and have already done so.

Thanks to all of you who are involved in organizing your tours.

Marion B
High River, Alberta, Canada

Laurus Travel reviews China tours from Canada

Laurus group in Forbidden City, Beijing

—–Original Message—–
From: Martin S
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 12:45 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: China Tour

Jacob was superb in every way. He was organized, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, listened to particular requests, took pictures, totally reliable. David (Guilin), amazing guy. Elaine in Shanghai was a close second.

The quality of the guides on this trip – both the group leader and all of the local guides – was really wonderful. They all spoke excellent English, were highly knowledgeable and were able to answer questions well. They chose very good itineraries, made sure we had excellent food and plenty of water, and time for breaks. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Dr. Martin S, MD
Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

—–Original Message—–
From: Dan O
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 1:00 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: 19-day China Odyssey Review

Howard Zhang was absolutely terrific! Howard was a great planner and organizer, and extremely affable! He made the trip thoroughly enjoyable. Howard always ensured that no one got lost. All the local guides, including: Jacob (Beijing), Yale (Xian), David (Guilin), & Zhang (Shanghai).

Big thanks to all of the Laurus office staff, our tour guide (Howard Zhang), our local guides (Jacob, Yale, David, & Zhang) and drivers, who all contributed to give us a trip of a lifetime!!!

Best decision we made, was to book our China trip with Laurus!

Dan O. & Flora W.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

From: Barbara and Steve S

Laurus Travel reviews China tours from Canada

Laurus Travel group in Tibet

Sent: September-26-15 6:30 AM
Subject: China Tour Review

Laurus does an exceptional job of providing an outstanding tour of China. We visited three cities, Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai over 11 days and truly got a great sense of the country. All meals were authentic and outstanding. The tour leaders, bus drivers, and local guides are friendly and knowledgable. Accomidations are clean,and have wifi. The group size of less than 20 is perfect for navigating together. We found our travel companions in our group to be friendly, nice, and so much like us. Our group had a nice blend of Canadians and U.S. Citizens. As Laurus advertises, there is no forced shopping. It was wonderful!

Steven S, MD
Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA
[like everyone whose testimonial appears here, Dr. Steven S and his wife Barbara will be happy to our references]

—–Original Message—–
From: Lin L
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2015 10:15 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Tour Review

Just returned from their 10 day Beijing/Shanghai Tour on Aug. 29/15. Laurus Travel was true to their advertising:

– First off, the staff at the Vancouver office were very helpful and patient from the start especially with the application of the Chinese Visa. They would follow up on the eve of the tour to ensure everything is all set.

– This is a sightseeing tour and there were no “forced shopping” stops during the tour.

– Yes, they would keep their group small to focus on personalized service.

– The hotel accommodations were excellent – 5 star rated hotels.

– They avoided the tourist congested restaurants.

No complaints about their tour guides and drivers. Would we use Laurus Travel again? …… Yes we would. Thanks Laurus Travel!

Lin L & family
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Laurus Travel reviews China tours from Canada

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

—–Original Message—–
From: Vivian & Michael
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 12:06 PM
Subject: Re: China Tour Review

Hi Maggie,

Sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you but we had another trip planned one week after the China tour and we were seriously jet-lagged! We are now back from visiting relatives in the U. S. and we wanted to take the time to write a lengthy and proper feedback (and accolades!) about our trip to China. The attachment is a recommendation but I must warn you, it is lengthy!

We cannot say enough about our trip: The patience you and others at Laurus had with my many questions and inquiries was awesome.

The planning that Laurus does for its travelers is to be commended: the Hotels were ALL first-class; the ample supply of bottled water was critical in China’s heat; the Guides and Drivers you provided were also first-rate; and the “timing” of our daily tours to sites was unequalled in that we were often with few crowds of people which afforded us the opportunity to receive personal info from our Guides. The Guides met us at all incoming airports and train stations without fail, and left us at those same transportation centers with plenty of help and personal assistance that eased our fears. The restaurants that we visited were excellent and went out of their way to provide us with delicious and interesting dishes.

It is interesting to note that we really do live in a small world: my husband ran into a high-school student of his from Miami who was also traveling in China (Guilin) at the same time with her family!

I did have a question (sorry) about Jenny in Wuhan. Since we had to leave Wuhan very early in order to get our flight to Hong Kong, we did not have breakfast. Jenny had asked Holiday Inn to prepare a boxed-breakfast BUT she forgot to ask them before we left the hotel. We forgot, too, since she had mentioned the night before that we would have a boxed-breakfast to take along in the morning. Anyway, when I attempted to give her the tip she earned at the airport, she would not accept it because she had forgotten about our breakfast. (No matter how I pleaded with her, she would not accept our money and shoved it into my purse and held my hands so I could not return the tip to her. In fact, she brought me to tears because I felt she deserved her tip, no matter what!)

We would still like to give her the tip she rightly deserves. If I were to send you a check, could Laurus include that amount to her along with the funds you ordinarily pay her? Please let me know if you recommend another way to send that tip to her?

Thanks for all of the help that Laurus provided to us. Your company and agents are second to none in terms of the service you provided for our China tour!! We are so pleased and would highly recommend Laurus to anyone wanting to experience China.

Hope your weekend was a good one for you and that your Monday has been a good day, as well.

Thanks again,

Vivian (and Michael) S
Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA

Laurus Travel reviews China tours from Canada

Laurus Travel group in Suzhou garden

—–Original Message—–
From: Darlene R
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 8:30 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Best of China July 2, 2015

The local guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. Their English was excellent and they had cell phone access which was appreciated. They were flexible with the times at each tour site. We found David to be exceptional and we were lucky to have him for Guilin. He went above and beyond the normal expectations and spent extra time with the group.

We liked the Sheratons at all cities but found the Beijing one to be the best of the bunch.

The food in the hotels and on the excursions was excellent. We enjoyed the variety and local specialties. None of us had any problems with the variety of foods.

We went for a walking tour of the modern buildings around Shanghai Pearl Tower on our own and felt that it might have been a good add-on to the Tour itinerary for Shanghai.

This was our third trip to China in the last 10 years and Laurus Travel did an exceptional job with all aspects of the “Best of China” tour. David in Guilin and Jacob in Beijing were outstanding. We found China to be very safe and the subway systems easy to navigate on our own with the local guide’s helpful suggestions. The hotel food was excellent with a mix of familiar western foods and local fare.

We were hesitant to book our tour by paying cash up front. However after meeting the Laurus staff we were confident in the company and appreciated the savings over using a credit card. On our free days we biked the city wall in Xian, went up the Pearl Tower in Shanghai and had foot massages in Guilin. We recommend these as they enriched our overall China experience.

Thank you Laurus Travel for making this a very memorable tour for ourselves and our nephew!

Darlene and Mark R
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

From: Manohar A
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 10:44 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: RE: China Tour Review

Hi Maggie:
It was a great experience. All your local guides were exceptional. Especially, your guide in Shanghai was very helpful when he found out that we both were sick… he had another Laurus guide take us to the hospital and then join the tour. He also re-ordered the tour so we don’t miss much. All guides were very accommodative to provide vegetarian meal for my wife. All in all it was very enjoyable and we will take your tour again.

Manohar (Manny) A
Lake Worth, Florida, USA

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

From: Dilo P
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2015 1:38 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Re: Laurus Travel Tour

Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for an absolutely wonderful tour! The guides are great and knowledgeable, the selection of hotels was perfect, and the choice of meals provided were excellent! All meals provided were made to order and freshly prepared – no buffets where the food has been sitting around for who knows how long. The tours too were well organized without being too hectic or too slow and the added attractions (acrobat show, tea farm visit, lake cruise) were well worth it.

You did a wonderful job with this tour. I have no hesitation in recommending Laurus to my friends and relatives who want to visit China in the near future.

My only suggestion for improvement is to use the hi-speed rail system in China as much as possible. The train journey from Beijing to X’ian was very comfortable and dead on time. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the airlines who were always delayed (no different to domestic flights in the U.S.)!

Thanks again for a wonderful tour.

Dilo and Naomi P
Venetia, Pennsylvalia, USA

From: Ricardo G
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2015 11:56 AM
To: Laurus Travel

Subject: China Discovery Tour with Laurus Travel

Hello Maggie:

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

We are back in Seattle after a marvelous tour. We want to congratulate Laurus Travel for its impeccable planning and attention, before and during the tour. The guides were wonderful and deserve all praise. We enjoyed specially Jacob in Beijing and Steve in Shanghai, although William in Xian was also most enjoyable. Attention during the Yangtze cruise was also most enjoyable. You must congratulate the Cruise Company for Ruby, the most knowledgeable, kind and attentive Cruise Director we have ever encountered.

We will certainly recommend Laurus to friends, relatives and all interested people we meet.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience

Ricardo G & Rosario U
Seattle, Washington, USA

—–Original Message—–
From: Steve B
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2015 9:30 PM
Subject: Customized China Tour

My father and I completed a shortened version of a standard tour with a group total of 8 members. We organised this at short notice from Australia and the Laurus office was very good and responsive to queries and requirements via email. The tour itself went very smoothly with all logistics thought through and executed very well locally by the tour guides, all we had to do was go along for the ride, relax and take in the amazing sights and experiences of China. The local tour guides were friendly, very knowledgeable, and humorous; it was a pleasure to learn from them and spend time with the other tour members.

Both Jacob (Beijing)and William (Xian) were informative, humorous and attended to all the group’s needs. They are real assets to Laurus. Sheraton (Beijing) and Sheraton (Xian) both very good in terms of room and breakfast. Sheraton (Xian) closer to Metro station, so easier to get around without use of taxis. Sheraton (Beijing) better in terms of pool and spa facilities. The meals were exceptional, great choice of local restaurants throughout tour with good range of meals and opportunity for the tour group members to interact.

Great value for money!

Steve B.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

From: Donna W
Sent: June-23-15 9:34 AM
Subject: 17 Day China Golden Route

Dear Laurus Travel,

When planning our trip to China, we did extensive research in finding the right tour company. We chose Laurus Travel after being impressed with the large number of glowing reviews and with the company’s thorough and comprehensive website. Now that we have returned from our 17 day tour of China, we can now be included in that group of happy travellers.

Before the tour, you were very responsive to our inquiries and even phoned us the day prior to our departure to see if we had any last minute questions. After we hung up we knew that we had chosen the right tour company and that we would be in good hands.

Our tour leader Howard continually ensured that everyone was happy and that there were no concerns. The local guides were wonderful with special mention to Jacob, Paul and David who were extremely knowledgeable. They made our trip memorable.

Our tour group was a very manageable size which meant that our itinerary was flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen situations such as poor weather and transportation delays. Your people worked hard to optimize our itinerary, even including requested attractions if possible.

We found the number of attractions and the pace to be just right. Not too many so that we were unable to appreciate them and not too few so that we felt we were wasting time.

Our China tour exceeded our expectations and we would definitely recommend Laurus Travel to others.

Donna and Courtney W.
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

From: Hy—, Donna
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2015 4:18 AM
To: Laurus Travel (Heather L)
Subject: RE: China Tour Review

Good morning Heather,

First and foremost, our thanks to Julius, Maggie, Heather and the entire team at Laurus Travel for your attentiveness and commitment to ensuring our China trip was a wonderful and memorable adventure. We appreciated you touching base with us via email along the way to make sure everything was going okay with our trip. A+ to Laurus Travel for Customer Service!

We did not have a full-time tour leader. However, a number of tour guides in various cities we would describe as Exceptional: Stephen in Shanghai, Jacob in Beijing, Paul in Xian, David in Guilin and Maggie in Hong Kong.

Again, thank you for all your assistance and the great customer service.


Madonna H.
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

—–Original Message—–
From: Margaret H
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 12:30 PM
Subject: 21 Day China Highlights

Our tour leader Howard went above and beyond to be a support to all of us. There were times when he willingly stayed with us when he should have been having his own time such as dinner. He is very knowledgeable and personable!

The local guides were absolutely amazing. I love that from my perspective they were knowledgeable in many areas but each seemed to have a focus and this was balanced out throughout the tour. For example Paul in X’ian loves history and his passion shone through and David has a passion for the people of China and this shone through. Each brought their own unique perspective and it captured our attention leaving each of us with a well-rounded understanding of China’s history, culture, people, politics and so much more! Do not change your Local Guides and Tour Leader as they are superb. A special acknowledgement of Howard, Jacob, Paul, David and Elaine who consistently did more than was required.

The hotels all exceeded our expectations actually. It is so nice after a long day of touring to come home to a well appointed hotel room that is roomy, clean, quiet and modern. We felt quite spoiled!

The food was outstanding!!! This was the biggest surprise!! We loved that the guides would let us know what each dish was and warn us if it was too spicy although I love a little spice!! We had the opportunity to try a couple of new restaurants that hadn’t been used before and they were great. Good job of asking our opinion and whether we would recommend a particular new restaurant. Smart!! I tried everything which I had decided before the trip and although there of course were things that were not my favourite, 99% of the food was delicious. Well done!!

I was expecting to be dazzled by the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors and of course I was. There were many pinch me moments in both places. However, my favourite day of all was our first in Guilin! From our cruise on the river in the morning to the tea farm to the spectacular evening river cruise to the last surprise of a waterfall cascading down the front of a hotel! It was magical!

The ear pieces are a brilliant idea and I really think they could also be used in Shanghai. So helpful and I really noticed the difference when we didn’t have them.

The trip up to the rice terraces was a wonderful day and eating in the village and visiting a real village home were definitely memory making experiences.

I thought I would really love the Yangtze River cruise and it was fine. My husband enjoyed it a lot. We were both underwhelmed by the Three Gorges Dam site tour. Just not what we were expecting but that is okay!

Pandas were so adorable in Chongqing. Our plane was late and that happened to be a fortuitous thing. The pandas had just been fed when we got there and it was a cool day and so we got to see 6 out of the 8. The little girl was too cute for words and put on quite a show. She was rolling around and climbing her tree and looking at us as if to say “Aren’t I just adorable!” Yes!! She was!!

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Loved the trip to Suzhou. As mentioned previously I would have liked more time to add money to the economy at the silk shops!!!

We had the experience of going to a self sufficient neighbourhood in Shanghai and we would highly recommend keeping this in your tour experiences. From getting an interesting introduction at the beautiful community centre to touring the fascinating food market to eating in a neighbourhood home we were very impressed. Thanks for this new experience.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Margret and Richard H
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

—–Original Message—–

From: Cristina
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 5:42 PM
Subject: Feedback – Golden triangle trip

Hello, we just came back from our China trip last week. I know most of your correspondence was through my husband, but I wanted to thank you myself . We had a fabulous time. We wanted to see China and its glorious culture and we did indeed see that. I have to complement your whole staff, everything was very well organized and ran smoothly . The hotels were first class and the food were delicious ( that’s probably an understatement).

I was very impressed about the small size of our tour group , it made it very personal. And yes, no shopping stops !

Jacob Wei was an excellent tour leader – he was very attentive. He is definitely an asset.
We had a small hiccup in the airport with our flight and our guide Elaine never left and helped us sort it out.

Again , Thank you . It was worth every penny!

Cristina T, USA

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

From: William D
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2015 11:40 AM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Great tour guides

Hello Laurus Travel,

I returned to my home in Austin, Texas from your 11-day China Golden Triangle Tour a few days ago. The tour fulfilled my expectations, so I want to give three cheers for Laurus Travel.

I want to praise the tour leader and tour guides. Jacob (the tour leader and guide in Beijing), Paul (the tour guide in Xian), and Elaine (the tour guide in Shanghai) were excellent: specifically, they had broad knowledge of China, which they imparted to us, and they were very nice people. All three were good teachers.

Elaine in particular deserves acknowledgment, because I was the only person who wanted to go on the optional day trip to Suzhou, and she could have cancelled the trip, but instead she took me on a private, all-day tour of Suzhou. Also, I developed one of my occasional episodes of lower back pain when I was in Shanghai, and Elaine helped me get in and out of vehicles when I had difficulty standing up and sitting down. Also, she knew Zhuangzi, whose writings I studied in school many years ago, and we discussed Chinese philosophy.

The staff in the Sheraton in Beijing were amused when I walked through their lobby carrying bags of baozi that I bought in a nearby shop. Four baozi for the equivalent of US $1, a great dinner.


William (Willie) D
Austin, Texas, USA

From: Paul S
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:56 AM
Subject: ATTN: Laurus Travel Team

Dear Laurus Travel,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you this morning about the enjoyment I had on my eleven day China Triangle Tour! You exceeded my expectations and I believe it is important to take the time to share my experience with you.

The tour guides we had (Jakob, Howard, Paul, and Steven) were excellent. Having the “right” guide especially in a country like China is paramount. The history is so vast and in depth and I was able to learn so much from these four individuals. They went out of their way on so many occasions from, recommending places to eat, to suggesting where to go on our “free time”. They all truly cared for us and wanted to make our China Trip memorable and they certainly delivered!! The only thing that I did not like about my trip was having to miss out on Guilin but that was due to not having enough vacation time! haha.

If I have any friends or family members looking to travel to China in the future I will certainly be recommending Laurus Travel! Having a small group travel experience is essential, no forced shopping stops, and having knowledgeable guides that have an appreciation for the history and country is what you look for in a high end tour company!

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers

Laurus Travel reviews by real customers


Paul S
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Tour Trip Dates: May 14th- 24th.

From: eileen m
Sent: May-13-15 1:41 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: Thanks

Dear Julian and staff,

Thank you so much for such a delightful trip. From the first contact with your office to the flight home, your attention to every detail made the tour exceptional.

The guides were more than just guides, but professionals in every way. The itinerary was well planned and time frames were met, which was almost miraculous considering the traffic congestion at some points. The variety of experiences from the Li River cruise to the high speed train gave us such a fascinating look at China in such a short time. I never thought we would have such a leisurely time picking tea and learning about its culture. It was far more than a garden tour. The gardens, of course, were spectacular.

Such a busy trip does not unfold so seamlessly without a great deal of planning and work behind the scenes. Thank you and your staff again for making it such a pleasant experience, and special thanks to Eric who did his utmost to ensure we enjoyed the trip.

Eileen M
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

—–Original Message—–

From: Sergio J.
Sent: April-08-15 7:45 PM
To: Laurus Travel
Subject: China Tour

Our experience with Laurus Travel was excellent and we enjoyed our vacations thanks to your professionalism and experience as we did not have to worry about anything. Everything was well scheduled and professionally handled by the local guides.

Thank you very much.

Sergio & Carmen J
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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