Japan Tour Recommended by Former Canadian Ambassadors

Japan Tour Recommended by Former Canadian Ambassadors

On a recent Japan tour, a guest from Ottawa, a former Canadian ambassador to the United States, shared with the tour leader, Julius Yan, how he decided on Laurus Travel for his Japan vacation and why he’d recommend Laurus Travel to his friends.

Prior to this trip, he had been to Japan in his ambassadorial capacity but wasn’t able to see much of the country due to his busy schedule. After retirement, he put Japan on his list of countries to visit and decided to do it this year.

What fascinated the tour leader was how he decided on Laurus Travel. As the first step of his research, he reached out to a good friend of his, a former Canadian ambassador to Japan who speaks Japanese fluently and knows the country like the back of his hand. His friend offered him a list of places he should visit on a two-week vacation. With the list, the former ambassador to the US went searching for a tour company that is not only reputable but also offers an itinerary matching his list. Lo and behold, he stumbled across Laurus Travel and found a perfect match in our 14-day Best of Japan!

After vetting a number of tour operators, he decided to sign up with Laurus Travel. Along the way, he somehow convinced two of his buddies, also former prominent Canadian diplomats, and their spouses to join him and his wife on this Japan trip.

At the end of the trip, he went back to Tokyo and met with his Japanese-speaking ambassador friend to give his friend a report of his trip with Laurus Travel. Needless to say, the diplomats all agreed that Laurus Travel was a great tour operator worthy of their recommendation. This is what the former ambassador to the US and his wife wrote to us:

Just a quick note to add our voice to those who may have given their assessment of our recent tour.

It was outstanding and definitely exceeded our expectations.

We have recommended Laurus to our Canadian friends living in Japan to promote the tour to their visitors. And we will warmly commend Laurus to our Canadian contacts.

Many thanks for making our visit to Japan so memorable.

To us, there’s nothing more gratifying than hearing from the customer that the trust they put in us has paid off.

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