Hiking Longji Terraced Rice Fields

Longji terraced fields is one of the highlights for visitors to Guilin. Therefore, it is included in most of our tour itineraries with a stop in Guilin.

The terraced rice fields is located 80km to the northwest of Guilin. The drive takes 2 hours due to rough road conditions. Longji, meaning dragon back, is famous for its terraced rice fields. Because the villages at Longji are in the jurisdiction of Longsheng County, the tourist attraction is often collectively referred to as Longsheng Terraced Fields. The scenery is arguably at its best in early May during transplanting, and in late September and early October right before harvest when the fields turn golden.

Built by local farmers of different ethnic groups from Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) to Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the mountainous fields cover a total area of 66 square kilometres, rising between 300 meters and 1,100 metres above sea level.

A full-day excursion to the terraced rice fields is an ideal way to gain a deeper appreciation for the immense beauty of this subtropical region. The hike in relatively high heat and humidity, especially in summer, may be challenging for some. It is therefore essential to keep your body well hydrated during the hike. Free bottled water would be provided by Laurus Travel and your guide would remind you of this as you get off the tour bus.

Longji hiking through longsheng terraced riced fields

Longji hiking

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