Yangtze Cruise Exclusive Amenity Package

yangtze cruise - china river cruisesYour Yangtze cruise aboard Victoria Cruises’ Jenna entitles you to a Superior outside cabin on either bridge deck or promenade deck. In addition, your tour price includes the following specially negotiated exclusive amenities:

  • Access to Executive Lounge.
  • A la carte dining (dinners only) with beer or wine.
  • Soft drinks including Diet Coke at lunch and dinner.
  • Welcome fruit basket.
  • Wi-Fi in Executive Lounge and lobby.
  • Private shores excursions when your group has 6 or more guests.
  • Reserved seating for on-board evening performance.

Yangtze cruise - Laurus Travel guests enjoy exclusive amenities aboard Victoria Cruises' Jenna

Yangtze cruise tour with Laurus Travel

“Rising in the Tanggula Mountains in west-central China, the Yangtze River flows southeast before turning northeast and then generally east across south-central and east-central China to the East China Sea near Shanghai. It is known as the Jinsha in its upper course and Changjiang (meaning long river in Chinese) in the lower reaches. It is the world’s third longest river, 3,915 mi (6,300 km) long, after the Nile and the Amazon. Its chief tributaries are the Yalong, Min, Jialing, Han, and Wu rivers. Several large cities, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Chongqing, lie in the river’s basin, which is known as the granary of China.”

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