Business Class Airfares

business class air deals for travel to ChinaWe offer unbeatable business class air deals to customers booked on our Asia tours.

Laurus Travel has access to exclusive business class air deals and specially negotiated contract rates. We guarantee lowest price to customers booked on our Asia tours. If you find a better price elsewhere, we’ll beat it!

Those who have never travelled in business class should be aware that even an unbeatable offer from us still costs over $3,000. The price can be much higher during peak seasons. From the West Coast, passengers should expect to pay at least $3,000 for a round-trip, non-stop ticket. That price can go up by $2,000 for passengers from the East Coast.

With most airlines these days, transpacific/long-haul business class means a horizontally flat bed. Some airlines may do it differently even though their planes are new. A good example is a flat seat that has one end higher than the other, which makes the passenger slide down to the foot rest at the bottom of the seat. Sleeping in such a flat seat can be very uncomfortable.

business class air deals for travel to Japan

So, when an airline offers you a business class deal costing far less than what their competitors charge, find out why. Generally, when a deal is too good, it is either a watered-down version of business class or involves one or multiple stops and punishing hours. In-flight dining and lounge service often match the price you pay.

The airlines from whom we have the lowest business class deals include Air Canada, United, American, Delta, Hainan Airlines and Japan Airlines.

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