Health & Vaccination

Asia Travel Health Tips and Advice

Inoculation Certificate & Hepatitis

You are not required of any inoculation certificate to enter any of the countries we currently offer trips to. The places our tours take you to are generally safe from a health point of view. Our top concern is hepatitis A & B regardless of the country you travel to. We do not recommend shots for tetanus and rabies. However, we do suggest that you visit a travel clinic or your family doctor or websites of the U.S. CDC and Health Canada for more information.

Altitude Sickness

Travellers going to Tibet, Zhongdian (Shangri-la) and Kashgar are strongly advised to visit their family doctor a few weeks before the trip to discuss if it is necessary to go on acetazolamide/Diamox believed to be effective for altitude sickness. The altitudes of the above locations range from 3,300 metres (10,824 feet) to 4,700 metres (15,416 feet) above sea level.

Raw Food

Try to avoid uncooked food. Even the food you eat is clean, you may still experience stomach upsets or diarrhea due to ingredients your stomach is not used to.

Tap Water

Tap water is not safe to drink except for Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Ask for bottled or boiled water when eating in restaurants in other countries.

Bottled Water

When buying bottled water from street vendors, especially at tourist sites, make sure the cap is properly sealed because some vendors may be selling tap water in recycled bottles.

Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer

Always carry with you a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of hand sanitizer containing more than 60% of alcohol, no matter where you go. Many of the toilets have no toilet paper, soap, and paper towels to dry hands. Some of our guests even have soap and a cloth towel in their day pack, which is a very smart thing to do.

Many Buddhist temples in Thailand and Myanmar require the visitor to remove shoes and socks before entering. Since the grounds can be very dirty, we recommend that you bring along some wet wipes or towels to wipe your feet.