Preferred & Premium Economy Seats

We use Air Canada, United, American and Delta the most for customers from Canada and the United States. Not all tickets issued through Laurus Travel qualify for frequent flyer reward points. If this is important to you, please check with us before your ticket is issued.

Air Canada Preferred Seat & Premium Economy

Tour participants booked on Air Canada not only qualify for Aeroplan reward points but also have the option to upgrade to AC Preferred Seats subject to a fee up to $199 per segment/flight (not round trip) on transpacific routes. Passengers with Elite and Super Elite status can request such upgrade at no charge but the fee may not be waived if the passenger wants a bulkhead or emergency exit row seat. Passengers can request seat upgrade by calling Air Canada directly once the ticket is issued. Please click here for more information.Air Canada premium economy class on B787 for China tours

Air Canada launched its Premium Economy class several years ago mainly on its Transatlantic routes, but with the addition of many new Boeing jumbo jets to its fleet, AC has rolled out Premium Economy class on a number of its Asia bound flights. Premium Economy and Preferred Seat are very different because with the Preferred Seat all you get is a seat with more legroom but absolutely nothing else. Premium Economy is a new class that comes with a list of enticing benefits; this class is a hybrid between the average economy class and business class. Please click here to learn more about AC’s Premium Economy program.

United Airlines Economy Plus

Travellers booked on United have the option to upgrade to Economy Plus seats that offer up to five extra inches in legroom. Please click here to learn more.

Delta Economy Comfort+
When you are booked on Delta, you have the option to upgrade to its Economy Comfort+. The airline has made numerous changes to the program in the past few years. Please click here for the updated information.

AA Main Cabin Extra
Costing up to $159 (?) per transpacific flight, this is AA’s equivalent to similar programs offered by UA and Delta as described above. Don’t get confused with AA’s Preferred Seat program, which lets the passenger pick a seat in advance but offers nothing else such as extra legroom.

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