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small group China tours

Escorted small group tours to China, Japan, South Korea, India & Southeast Asia

Our China and Asia tours are small group travel. Generally, our group size is capped at 20. Due to the modular system in use, the group size may go up to 25 at certain time or locations during a tour. However, we guarantee that for the majority of trip duration the group size will be no more than 20. You can find lots of testimonials on our website as well as tour reviews on Tripadvisor praising the concept of small group travel.

As experienced travellers would tell you, small group travel has its key advantages over large group size. In a large group of 40, your time to interact with the guides is very limited and your individual needs may get neglected. Lack of meaningful interaction with the guides is one reason many seasoned travellers avoid operators running large group tours.

Small group size gives the guides flexibility to improvise, adding an important dimension not available with large group travel. With our small group size we can take in special events, such as a wedding or a new rural school’s opening ceremony, on a very short notice or while they are unfolding. We are able to “sneak” into a neighborhood without causing a scene. When we pass by a local restaurant we like, we can just walk in for a good meal without overwhelming the kitchen staff and having to wait for long.

Laurus Travel Japan tours

small group Japan tours

Our client, Andy L from Calgary, recently commented on his Laurus Travel experience by saying “The size of the tour group and the transportation arrangements were excellent. I can’t help but feel sorry for the other tour groups that we saw that were so large that the guide had to use a megaphone and herd them like cattle to keep them moving.”

John and Dolores D of Arizona who just came back from their China trip with Laurus Travel told us “We have done much international traveling in the past but mostly independent of a tour. Our experience with Laurus has convinced us that a small tour group is an excellent option. We do believe that having traveled in a group of only 10 people was a great advantage and we would avoid companies that put together large groups.”

Some time ago Neil and Heather M from St Albert, Alberta, wrote “We chose Laurus for several reasons: the attractive itinerary; the small group size complete with tour leader; and the strong testimonials we read… All the above reasons to choose Laurus were verified in our recent trip.”


small group Indochina tours (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos)

Small group travel may cost you a little more than when you go with a large group but the premium you pay is definitely worth it. As a company specializing in Asia, we have the necessary volume and expertise to keep our prices competitive while giving you all the benefits of small group travel. In order to keep our prices competitive, we sell direct bypassing layers of middlemen most of our competitors rely on. We negotiate directly with the hotels, airlines and agents fully leveraging our decent volume. In fact, we even control a fully licensed travel company in China, something few of our competitors can claim.

We hope you are convinced that small group travel is the right way to maximize the enjoyment of your vacation. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need references.

small group china tours

small group tours to China, Japan, Indochina, India, Korea…