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“I also did not expect the high-quality education from all the local guides who shared history, culture, and their personal experience with us. This enhanced the trip immeasurably. I would recommend Laurus to anyone without reservation…”

Kathie F

Hillborough, North Carolina

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Why Laurus Travel Has the Best Tour Guides

It’s no coincidence that we have the best tour guides working for us anywhere our groups go. One of the founders of Laurus Travel worked as a tour guide for many years prior to the launch of Laurus Travel. As an accomplished guide, he fully understands the role a guide plays and makes sure that we invest generously in guide recruiting, training and retention. Many of our customers have reported to us that Laurus Travel is widely respected by the guides, who are proud to be associated with us. As a matter of fact, the guide-turned-co-founder of Laurus Travel knows almost every guide working for us and considers most of them personal friends.

There are many factors that differentiate Laurus Travel from its competitors and the quality of our tour guides is one of the most important. Our carefully selected guides are warm, competent, patient, experienced and open-minded. Most of them also have a good sense of humour.

One of our customers recently made this comment on Laurus Travel: “Best guides” is a difficult promise to make but they [Laurus] lived up to this promise.” You probably have your doubt about the quality of our guides before your trip. However, upon your return you will be telling us the same thing that he did – Laurus Travel lived up to its promise.

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Here are two examples of what our customers have to say about our guides:

“Jacob was an excellent, well informed tour leader. He was available 24 hours if needed. When asked that I was really interested in a side tea tour, he consulted with the group and one was arranged. It was excellent. In fact, all the guides in each city were excellent and fairly passionate about what they were showing and saying.

Would love to thank Maggie in the Vancouver office. She was patient with all my silly questions at the beginning and made for a wonderful start to my trip. She took the time to phone before I left to wish me a good time and again at the end to see that all went well. Never had a tour company do that before!”

Barry W
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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“Julius went above and beyond to make sure that everyone’s needs were met (including personally assisting someone who ended up requiring a wheel chair). He was very knowledgeable and encouraged several good discussions that helped us understand aspects of Chinese culture and history. Throughout the tour he focused on the quality of our experience, making sure that the pace was appropriate, meals were excellent (and totally varied), and assuring that we saw everything promised even when transportation was late. This was all in addition to managing his company on a daily basis! He is absolutely in the right business. His trips are well planned and he cares greatly for his customers.”

Cindy D
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Like everyone who speaks highly of Laurus Travel, Barry and Cindy are available as references.

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