Triple Room and Single Room

Triple Room

What is it?

hotel_room_1_300x200A triple room is a standard twin or king bed room with a rollaway bed added to it. With us, the extra bed also comes with daily buffet breakfast for the third person unless noted otherwise. When you have three in your party, this arrangement may be desirable because it lets you avoid the single room surcharge, or single supplement as we call it.

Why can’t Laurus give us a discount?

The contract room rates limit the number of guests to two per room. Our tour prices are per person based on double occupancy or twin sharing (2 guests per room). When there are three guests sharing one room, the cost of the extra bed with breakfast is exactly one half of the charge for a twin bed room according to the contracts. For example, let’s say Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng offers us $160 per room per night with buffet breakfast for two. And the extra bed with buffet breakfast costs just about $80, resulting in no savings for us to pass on to the customer. Such pricing is very common among luxury hotels because the hotels would rather sell you two rooms under such circumstances.

Single Supplement & Roommate

What is single supplement?

Our tour prices are per person based on double occupancy or twin sharing. If the traveller doesn’t have a roommate, we would need to collect a surcharge called single supplement to cover the additional room cost. Except in Japan, single travellers booked on our tours are entitled to rooms identical to what we assign to couples.

Can Laurus Travel find me a roommate?

Over the years we have witnessed enough incidents where one party or both parties expressed disappointment in their roommate. Before pairing up two strangers, we ask both parties to confirm in writing that they are polite people who are sensitive to the needs of others and do not snore, smell or have gallbladder issues. Here is the list of questions:

  • Are you a smoker?
  • Do you snore?
  • Would you be able and willing to go to bed before 10 PM every night during the tour?
  • Do you have any condition that normally requires you to go to the bathroom more than twice a night?
  • Do you always treat personal hygiene a high priority?
  • Do people who know you well consider you a polite person sensitive to the needs of other people?

All questions should be answered truthfully.