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Escorted small-group tours to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan and South Korea featuring top guides and focusing on culture, history and people.


Our China tour itineraries are comprhensive and diverse hitting all the major sites such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army in China’s most popular destinations including Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tibet… Tours list


Southeast Asia has some of the world’s most amazing cultural and natural wonders. Visitors may be drawn to this region for different reasons but the hospitality of the people, the food and the beautiful scenery appeal to all. Tours list


Safe and clean, Japan and South Korea are ideal travel destinations with fascinating cultures, friendly people and so much to offer. Please join us and explore the essence of the Land of the Rising Sun and the Land of Morning CalmTours list

Featured China, Japan & Southeast Asia Tours
 22-day China by Bullet Train

The leisurely paced luxury tour introduces the traveller to China’s three largest metropolises as well as off-the-beaten-path towns, stringing together a collection of spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Trip highlights include a cruise on the mighty Yangtze river, Terracotta Army, classical Chinese gardens, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and several high-speed train rides through scenic countryside 

 18-day Vietnam, Cambodia & Bangkok

Discover the heart and soul of Vietnam, explore the ancient glory of Cambodia, and witness the old traditions and modernity of Thailand co-existing in perfect harmony. The active cultural journey strings together some of Southeast Asia’s best travel destinations including the splendid UNESCO World heritage Sites of Ha Long Bay, the Old Town of Hoi An and the glorious temple complexes in Angkor Wat.

 13-day Best of Japan

This extraordinary journey of cultural discovery with an experienced tour leader and expert local guides showcases the best of Japan. From the present-day capital of Tokyo to the former imperial seat of Kyoto, you will be amazed by Japan’s perfect blend of modernity and traditions. The two-week Japan trip begins in Tokyo and continues on to Kanazawa, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kyoto, Osaka

luxury China tours and fully guided small-group tours to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Bhutan & Singapore.

premium China tours highly rated by customers and recommended in every edition of Frommer’s China guidebooks

Laurus Travel Asia Tours

Laurus Travel specializes in group tours to Asia with a focus on China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and recommended in every edition of Frommer’s China, we have been working hard since 1998 to build a brand that consumers can trust. In addition to enthusiastic reviews by real customers on Tripadvisor, we have a long list of satisfied customers across Canada, the United States and Australia ready to serve as references for us.

best small-gtoup Japan tours from Canada and USA

Customer Reviews

I can’t describe what a wonderful trip we had in a short note. We had an amazing time. Every day was filled with a new adventure and the time went by so quickly that I can’t believe we were on a fifteen day excursion. It would be very difficult to choose a specific highlight of the trip but the fact that we climbed the Great Wall of China was very much one of the highlights of our lives. We fell in love with Linda Tan. She is an excellent tour guide. She is very dedicated to her job and has so much knowledge of all the sites that we visited as well as a lot of fun to be with. The flexibility built into the trip and just enough free time to be able to get out and visit spots on our own made this a perfect 15 days. I’m sure a lot of planning on your part has gone into these trips. I look forward to one day being able to contact you again to arrange another China experience. If anyone is ever looking for a reference I would be more than happy to talk to them.

Michele & Jacques G.
Oakville, Ontario

We really had an exceptionally good time during our tour with Laurus Travel, certainly the most enjoyable travel experience since our honeymoon! We would do the Laurus Travel experience again and not change a thing! We found the tour to be very well proportioned and balanced in terms of content and exposure.

best China tours with top guides

best China tours with top guides

For example:

– We alternated between urban and rural exposures to give us renewed contrast while preventing “culture overload”.
– It is not easy to define the climax of the 3 week tour because the highlights were thoughtfully spaced and interspersed with highly diverse historic, cultural, artistic and epicurean adventures.

Our first meeting as a group was thoughtfully conducted and paved the way for the “family” association that quickly evolved and allowed the feelings of sharing and discussion to enhance the overall experience.

All of our guides were first rate, amicable and enthusiastic. They spoke English well and carried an exceptional knowledge of history and culture across the regions that we visited.

By the standard to which we are accustomed, accommodation was at least very good and more than occasionally, resplendent!

Meals? Who would have thought that we could eat Chinese food for 3 weeks and never lose our enthusiasm for it? The variations and creativity were awesome. The presentation sometimes bordered on art. I never thought that we would be eating peas with chop-sticks. We shall never forget that Chinese Scotch, either!

Service was excellent throughout the tour, whether in a restaurant, bar, taxi or hotel. We can think of no instance where we expressed a service need that was not fulfilled promptly and courteously. We enthusiastically recommend Laurus Travel to anyone who wants a diverse, First Class China travel experience.

Ron & Dawn P.
Kingston, Ontario

best China tours with top rated guides

best China tours with top rated guides

Weeks have passed since our trip to China, but there is hardly a day when we do not, in some way, go back and relive those days. That was an incredible trip that will stay with us forever. Thank you for selecting an itinerary and program that gave us as complete a picture of the country as was possible in such a short time, for your superb organizational abilities in making “things click” in a country where that is not always easy, for providing transportation, restaurants, and accommodations that were excellent, and for guides, both Mike Shen the national guide, and the local guides, who were both helpful and informative. And, to top it all off, the cost of the tour was extremely reasonable. Your name and e-mail address now must be in a number of databases both locally and nationally. Jim and I have been giving them out with gusto as we have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Irene & James B.
Seattle, Washington

We had an absolutely fabulous time, thank you so very much. Everything went very smoothly and the group size was perfect. We were very impressed with the organization and the country was amazing. We would be very interested in going back to the silk road in the future – not next year, but perhaps after that. Keep us in mind for this in the future.

Wilma & Donald H.
Gabriola Island, British Columbia

We had a wonderful time in China. This vacation was a great adventure and we would rate it a 10 out of ten. We will have no trouble in promoting your company and China tours to our friends and others in the community. Please feel free to use our names for personal reference.

best China tours

best China tours

Pat & Gail W.
Vernon, British Columbia

I have been to China three times over the past five years and I am glad to say this trip with your company is simply the best. John took very good care of everybody and we were fortunate to have such a pleasant, experienced and fun person as our tour leader. The local guides and drivers were very good too, they did everything possible to accommodate our individual needs. I am looking forward to travelling with your company again.

Steven M.
Toronto, Ontario

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent China tour; your planning is excellent. Everything which you described was provided, and the arrangements exceeded my expectations. Eric is an outstanding representative for Laurus. He’s cheerful and patient, and all arrangements were very smooth. I would not hesitate to recommend Laurus and this tour to others.

Dave M.
El Segundo, California

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of us so well during our recent trip to China. We were completely satisfied and have nothing but great things to say about your company. The guides and drivers couldn’t have been better, they were courteous, friendly, experienced and accommodating. The meeting with Julius before the tour is another highlight of our experience dealing with your company. Having contacted three other companies before visiting your office, we found his knowledge and enthusiasm refreshing…. My mother-in-law will travel with your company this fall, I am sure she’ll have a great time as we did.

Laurus Travel Cambodia tours

Laurus Travel Cambodia tours


Ron L.
Vancouver, British Columbia

The trip was wonderful. I feel that when you asked Eric to be our Tour Director you were choosing the very best for us. He is both a gentle person and a gentleman. We were pleased with the quality of the hotels, meals and things we were able to do…

Marie W.
Petrolia, Ontario

Having been on many organised tours, I would like to congratulate you for having done such a marvellous job. My sister and I totally enjoyed the trip and have been enthusiastically promoting your company among friends and neighbours. We are in love with China and look forward to going back in the near future.

Teresa M.
Sydney, Australia

Thanks for a wonderful trip. Cathy and I had a great time. The local guides were knowledgeable and went out of their way to make our visit enjoyable. The hotels were better than expected and the East Queen was a first rate ship. The group size was perfect and we really enjoyed getting to know our fellow travelers. Dollar for dollar it was a great deal.

Thanks again.

best China tours: Silk Road adventure

best China tours: Silk Road adventure

Dueane D.
Washington, DC

Let me thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. We really had a great time, the sightseeing was wonderful, the hotels were superb and the company was excellent. It was a pretty nice group we had there and most of all, the guides were really experienced and knew the history of China very well, so that the explanations were very clear and interesting. Richard, our guide throughout the tour was very responsible and took care of us as if we were his own children, we all liked him very much. He was really helpful in all matters. The food was great, although a western meal here and there would be nice too. Anyway, overall I would rate the trip a 10 out of 10. It offered much more than we had expected. We are really grateful to you.

I have recommended you and this trip to many friends, and you will be receiving some mails from people in Monterrey, Mexico pretty soon. I tell them it is really worth the money. I wish you would have other Asian destinations in your portfolio, like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc so that we might travel with your agency again soon. We would like to repeat this wonderful experience.

Beatriz R.
Monterrey, Mexico

I am writing regarding the trip in Asia that I just completed. I have nothing but praise for Laurus Travel. The trip that you established for us was nothing short of first class. A group consisting of 10 college students is a tough task alone, but our tour guide Eric was the most organized, knowledgeable tour guide I have ever met. He was very accommodating with us and made our experience a great one. Laurus Travel is a great company and I will forever be grateful for your efforts in making our trip in Asia enjoyable.

Brandon R. G.
Hudson, Ohio


Laurus Travel Myanmar tours

We still couldn’t believe what an incredible deal we just got ourselves! Before we heard about your company through a friend, we had done some research on the Internet and had a pretty good idea about what we wanted to do and how much we’d expect to pay. Without the friend’s endorsement, we’d be hesitant to book with you because the tour you offered seems too good to be true. How wrong could we have been! I mean every aspect of the tour is fantastic, the hotels, the meals, the guides, etc, exactly as you promised. We couldn’t have asked for more. Everybody on the tour agreed it was a steal at that price and the arrangements far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so very much!!! Please feel free to let us know, anytime, if you need us to be your reference.

Tim & Amanda L.
Los Angeles, California

We were quite impressed and frankly a bit surprised by the quality of the tour. I am sure that it will only improve over the next few years as the equipment and quality of the local guides progress. Many of us found Laurus on the internet and while your program seemed to meet our needs, we were not sure of what to expect. We do now and it was wonderful.

Dr. Donald C
Salem, South Carolina

We have just returned from our ’15 day China Experience’ tour. Words can not express the experience. It was the most fantastic trip we have taken, and we have travelled a great deal. It exceeded our expectations. The accommodations were superb–yes the hotel at Qufu was a little worn, but you did advise us that it was the best available. The courteous and friendly staff certainly outweighed any inconvenience of the room.

The food–what can I say!! My husband gained about 10 lbs!! We enjoyed trying all the new dishes–and there were plenty of them. In fact we felt guilty that we couldn’t finish all of them. The travel modes were wonderful and always punctual–from the great drivers of the buses, to the train, to the air flights.

The itinerary was well planned and very diversified. We were always very busy, but never felt rushed. The information from the guides was very good and very interesting.

Laurus Travel China tours

best China tours


Oh yes, the guides. Their enthusiasm with their country and their heritage made us feel privileged that we could share a small part with them. Always friendly, always helpful in any way, going out of their way to make sure we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the tour. And they succeeded. I would like to make a special mention to our national guide, Linda Tam. What a wonderful person she is. This was not a job for her. This was her great joy to be able to share as much information with us as she could, to make this a fun tour, and also to learn from us as much as she could. Her knowledge was extensive. She never missed any details of the tour, always on schedule, never allowing anything to upset her because she always had everything well in hand. Her smile was the first and last thing we saw everyday. She was not our tour guide, she was our new friend. I hope that you become aware of her, because she is a great ambassador for her country, and she would be thrilled if she could visit Canada . I know you consider someone every year to visit Canada, and I certainly hope you keep her in mind.

Again I would like to thank you for providing us with such a wonderful trip. We were skeptical like many other people, because it seemed too good to be true at such a low price. You definitely proved us wrong. I hope you continue to increase your tours because we will certainly consider your travel agency again, and will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Chantal and Lorne Z.
Milton, Ontario

Two things that we forgot to mention, i.e., the two most memorable events – 1) to spend the night at the very quaint old fashioned inn at the Great Wall and woke up to see the Wall and climbed it with no other tourists but fresh air and light dust of snow. 2) the bicycle ride in Yangshuo to see the country side and the beautiful scenery. We had a great group and am sure that they share most of the views that I have expressed. The itinerary arranged by your company truly provided us with an impressive panoramic view of China. I definitely recommend your company to all my relatives and friends.

Thanks and wishing you continued success!

Mary & Bob F.
Thornhill, Ontario

Let us express our appreciation to you for the outstanding China Panorama Tour. The tour exceeded our expectations in every aspect and left us with a great and lasting appreciation for the country, its history, sights and people.

… and we hope that we have an opportunity to travel with Laurus again. We would be pleased to serve as a reference for your future potential customers, and you can certainly give them our e-mail address if you wish to do so. Your have our highest recommendation, and sincere thanks for a memorable visit to China.

best china tours

best China tours


Jan & Catherine K.
Woodbury, Minnesota

Betty wrote: Every aspect of the trip surpassed my expectations. I was especially delighted with the personal attention given to each of us in our small group; I believe everyone felt valued and even pampered. Any individual interests or needs were seen to immediately so that all were delighted to follow the program and enjoy the experiences and each others’ company. This was not my first experience of a conducted tour but it was by far the best.

Sue, Betty’s daughter, wrote: This was my first organized tour and I fear it has spoiled me for all others. I quickly felt as if I was traveling with a knowledgeable friend. The activities encourage group cohesion and the skills of both the tour leader and the local guides contributed to a memorable experience. I have not been able to stop talking about our adventures, none of which would have been possible without the care and attention of Julius Yan and the local guides.

Betty & Sue M.
Toronto, Ontario

Yes, the tour was fabulous. We did everything on the itinerary and more! If anything we were too busy, but that is not really a complaint. Our guide, Michael, worked very hard on our behalf and went out of his way to add little extras and help out. For instance our luggage was damaged and he interceded to secure a settlement with the hotel involved. He worked extra hard with respect to our luggage and transfers at airports and hotels…much appreciated. He is quite the character and his knowledge, honesty, and sense of humour were appreciated.

China remains a fascinating place and is rapidly changing. We were there in 1995 and the changes were well under way and this continues today. The Chinese are now touring about the country and they are facing some major traffic congestion problems. Somehow though, I think the Chinese will solve these problems.

Thanks for everything and we think we really got our money’s worth. We certainly think you run a top notch operation. You gave excellent advice and we feel you earned our trust. We will pass your name on to others and we will certainly use your services if required. Best wishes for the future.

Laurus Travel Japan tours

Laurus Travel Japan tours

Yours truly,

Heather and Bob M.
Winnipeg, Manitoba


In general, the trip was well beyond our expectations, well planned, pampering, pleasing, and above all – very informative. We have recommended it to our friends, and some of them have shown their interest in taking the same trip themselves.

We hope to join in the future one more of your trips. Thanks again.

Gil and Neomi W.
Jerusalem, Israel

Of all the international trips we have taken our trip to China was the most interesting and has left us with marvelous images of a beautiful country in the throes of tremendous transition. We have never enjoyed a voyage more.

Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Barney and Iris G.
Bellevue, Washington


Laurus Travel Vietnam tours

Erika and I returned from our trip Saturday night full of happy memories. Everything was excellent, the hotels, the food, the sightseeing program and all the arrangements, but especially our tour leader, Linda Tan, who was on the job 24 hours a day, every day, always concerned about our comfort and well being. Never before were we taken care of so well!

Thank you very much,

Alfred S.
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Julius,

There’s no need to worry about “pursuit of excellence”, as you have already achieved it.

The trip couldn’t have been any better. The itinerary was perfectly planned, and gave us a general overview of the areas visited, while allowing us to focus on many aspects of Chinese history and geography, architecture and art, and customs and culture.

Linda was a wonderful tour leader, giving us a warm welcome to her Country, and displaying endless energy and enthusiasm throughout the trip. She was a very knowledgeable and informative tour guide, and a great logistician who ensured our comfort and care at all times.

From a monetary viewpoint, the trip was a real bargain. We had two weeks of wonderful experiences, and memories for a lifetime.
A big “Thank You” to all at Laurus!

Catherine F.
Galiano Island, British Columbia

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