We book hotels with the assumption that our customers are all non-smokers. When a hotel is unable to accommodate our request for non-smoking rooms, we make sure the hotel does its best to minimize the odour of cigarette smoke. Rooms for tour groups are assigned by a run-of-the-house system. Consequently we do not accept requests for a specific floor or room type.

Rooms booked under discounted group rates do not qualify for reward points or free upgrades even if you enjoy elite status with the hotels. Since the rooms are booked at group rates under tour operator contracts, the hotels are not in a position to upgrade you or treat you better than other guests on our list. Any effort to contact the hotels before arrival with the hope to upgrade will be a waste of time. Customers asking for upgrade must do so before the trip and will be charged an administration fee of $35 per hotel in addition to the room rate differential.

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