Motor Vehicles

tour bus for tour groupsThe motor vehicles we use are air-conditioned and comfortable. They are professionally operated and well maintained. There will be enough seats to ensure everyone’s comfort. We do not share vehicles with non-Laurus travelers except for shore excursions during a river cruise when the excursions are arranged by the cruise operator.


Small and medium sized tour buses generally are not equipped with a toilet. Some mega-sized tour buses may come with one but the toilet is often locked with sign on the door showing “out of service”. When we travel long distances, we’d normally stop every 2 to 3 hours for washroom break. We can stop more often if need be.

Seat Rotation

Our company policy requires that front seats be rotated among tour members on daily basis. Our tour leaders and local guides are trained to remind the guests of this policy.

Myanmar tour bus

tour busses in Myanmar and Thailand are almost exclusively Japanese and South Korean brands